Service Contract

Reduce Long Term Replacement Costs With Regular Maintenance

At Double Enterprises, we believe that fixing electrical problems is much easier and much less expensive when the electrical system in your office, warehouse, or multi-family residence is regularly maintained by a trained professional.

Often, it is also beneficial to fix problems before they occur and potentially damage unrelated systems, equipment, or structures. Many times, electrical problems lurk hidden for years before they finally cause a failure, resulting in unnecessary electrical service interruption and costly repairs. Additionally, regular maintenance and service will ensure that your electrical systems are operating optimally, saving you money on utility expenditures.

That’s why we’ve created our special maintenance plans for commercial customers. Our service and maintenance plans are specifically tailored to your needs, and are carried out on a similarly custom-tailored schedule according to your requirements. Our fees are every bit as flexible, allowing you to purchase an agreement and pay on a quarterly or yearly basis. When one considers the costs associated with hiring an electrician on individual service calls, it’s usually easy to justify a regular service agreement, with its associated reduction in labor charges.

Our maintenance and service agreements cover the most commonly requested services, including:

  • Light bulb replacement
  • Ballast replacement
  • Electrical and specialty receptacle testing replacement
  • Electrical and specialty receptacle moves, adds, and changes
  • Dedicated circuit installations
  • Surge protection and UPS installation and replacement
  • Generator testing and maintenance
  • Electrical wiring diagnosis, installation, and replacement
  • Data cabling diagnosis, installation, and replacement
  • Electrical panel service and circuit breaker replacement

The above list is not exhaustive, and we’ll happily work out an agreement that addresses your specific needs at a price you’ll love. We also offer 10% off all labor charges associated with projects not covered under our agreement, saving you additional money. With a deal like this, receiving expert electrical service from a State Licensed Electrical Firm.

Our service and maintenance customers have been unconditionally satisfied with the services and pricing we provide, and we’ll readily provide you with references upon request.

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